University Central of Ashdod

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University Central of Ashdod is an autonomous, non-publicly higher learning institution.

 It was chaptered under the United States Panama Canal Authority in 1935.

In 1999, UCEA was recognized by the Panamanian Government when the United States Government transferred  the Panama Canal Zone to the Panamanian Government.

We were recognized by articulation agreement by the “Universidad de Panama”.


The University Central of Ashdod is recognized by Jewish Commission on Education to.

Award baccalaureate, master and doctoral programs.

It affiliated colleges and programs are regionally accredited.


Jewish Educational Foundation ( provides

tuition scholarships and grants to our students and faculty



For further information, you may contact:

Hebrew College President Jody Garbe

Tel Aviv, Israel.

University Central of Ashdod Mission Statement

הצהרה של שליחות של אכאה
אכאה מחנך ומאתגר סטודנטים להתפתח באופן שכלי
ובאופן מוסרי, לחפש חכמה וצדק, ולהתכונן להקפדות
של לחיות ועובדים כ/כפי שאזרחים מודעים לאחרויות
הגלובליות שלהם. אנחנו מקדמים את יהדות לסטודנטים
שלנו וקהילות שלהם. אנחנו מחבקים חינוך ומסמיכים
את הסטודנטים שלנו להעשות אחיות , ספקים רפואיים
ופרופסיונלי בריאות בעלים ברית אחרים

  Our History

The Panama Canal (PC) College was established in 1935 in the Panama Canal Zone to serve the Servicemembers of the United States of America.

In 1958, a division of the Panama Canal College was renamed as Ashdod University.  Dr. Yoval Gorovitz and Mrs. Natalia Simpson’s dreams were to establish a Jewish Higher Learning Institution to  dedicate to the Arts and Humanities and  to educate students in the horror of the Holocaust. They received the support of the Jewish  Education Foundation to provide classes  to Jews and Non-Jews alike in the Canal Zone.

In 2004, Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General stated “The rise of anti-Semitism anywhere is a threat to people everywhere. Thus, in fighting anti-Semitism we fight for the future of all humanities.